Imagination Play

  • Imagination Play Exhibition
  • Imagination Play Exhibition
  • Imagination Play:String of light
  • Imagination Play:String of light
  • Imagination Play:TV channel
  • Imagination Play:Distant trash can
  • Imagination Play:Distant trash can
  • Imagination Play:Behind the car window

This is a creative activity with Fumitaka Kimizuka, who remakes the imagination and time of children, who have turned things that are not toys or playground equipment into play.
At the Sozo Play Exhibition held in August 2015, we exhibited four works created based on the memory of the author.

《String of light》

It is a lighting that punches and repels the electric string hanging from the lighting of the living room or living room, based on the memory that was used to play it.

《TV channel》

This remote control is based on the memory of playing with a finger, simulating the gap between buttons on the remote control as buttons.

《Distant trash can》

It is a special trash can that makes a cheer when the trash enters, based on the memory of shooting paper waste while biting a runny nose toward the trash can.

《Behind the car window》

This product is based on the memory of playing an action game with the scenery seen from the car window as a stage, allowing you to see the running character over the scenery.

As a kid, we were imagining and expanding the world in a fun way. By superimposing the rules and images on the real world, I had the imagination to make the world interesting. The imagination that I made in my head was very fleeting, and gradually faded as I grew up, but when I think back now, it feels like a very unique content that can extend reality.

In this work, we aim to make the rules and images that we imagined when we were younger materialize by remaking them as digital contents so that the viewers can reconnect with the imagination they had in the past.